Custom Card Gallery

A list of the custom cards I've designed. For the full story behind each custom, just click on the image.


George Costanza (1956 Topps)

George Clooney (1960 Topps)

Everett McGill (1960 Topps)

Custom back-of-card cartoon 
(1973 Topps)
Joel Youngblood Highlight 
(1984 Topps)

Joel Youngblood Highlight (back)

Clint Eastwood 
(1976 Topps)
Harry Callahan 
(1976 Topps)

Logan (1974 Topps)
(1974 Topps All-Star)
Brett Hull mash-up 
(1990-91 Topps / Score)

James Hendrix 
(1982 Topps)
Jimi Hendrix 
(1982 Topps In Action)
Sadaharu Oh
Stained Glass Card
(1975 Engel "Rocket Robots")
Kel Mitchell (1959 Topps)
Best Burger Buds 
(1959 Topps)
Beastie Boys Future Stars 
(1982 Topps)
Beastie Boys Highlight 
(1984 Topps)
Beastie Boys Highlight (back)
Mr. Bean
(1964 Topps Giant)
Rowan Atkinson
(1988 Maxx Race Cards)
Parking Predicament
(1988 Maxx Race Cards)
'Finding' a Vacant Spot
(1988 Maxx Race Cards)
Bean Steals Away
(1988 Maxx Race Cards)
Steven Tyler (1959 Topps)

Toxic Twins (1959 Topps)
All-Star Superheroes (1974 Topps)
All-Star Officers (1974 Topps)
All-Star Coworkers (1974 Topps)
All-Star Muppets (1974 Topps)
All-Star Cabbies (1974 Topps)
All-Star Roommates (1974 Topps)
Ed (1959 Topps)
Doug Wickenheiser / Tron
(1981-82 O-Pee-Chee)


Jim Carrey (1969 Topps)

Jim Carrey Movie Stars (1966 Topps)
1980-81 Topps Hockey
Campbell Conference
1980-81 Topps Hockey
Wales Conference
1980-81 Topps Hockey
Scratch-Off, Panel Back

C. Montgomery Burns 
(1991 Pro Set)
Homer Simpson 
(1991 Pro Set)

Rick Vaughn 
(1964 Topps)
Willie Hayes and Rick Vaughn 
(1964 Topps Rookie Stars)
Henderson/Ryan Highlight 
(1984 Topps)

Henderson/Ryan Highlight (back)

Andre Roussimoff 
(1976-77 O-Pee-Chee)
Andre the Giant WWF Champion 
(1976-77 O-Pee-Chee)
Antonio Banderas
1967 Topps
El Mariachi
1967 Topps
1967 Topps


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    1. Thanks very much! It's lots of fun working on them. More to come in 2021.

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