Sunday, October 25, 2020

Ed, Revisited

A few months ago I posted the following custom card featuring a character named "Ed" from Nickelodeon's All That (and later, the Good Burger film). Next to it is the original card that inspired the custom.

You can see that Ed (played by actor Kel Mitchell) bears a strong resemblance to Charley Neal on that original 1959 Topps card. 

Well, at the bottom of that post, Matt from Sport Card Collectors (and the newer Cards Over Coffee blog) left a comment in which he stated how much he enjoyed
the Good Burger skits and the custom card. He also made a suggestion: If the card featured an image of Ed, why not also use his name on the top of the card instead of Kel Mitchell's? 

My original logic was that because the character doesn't have a last name, listing the first name "Ed" at the top of the card would look a bit strange by itself, especially as both letters would be lowercase. However, I gave it some more thought, and figured it'd be fun to whip up another custom card.

There's Ed, happy to be representing Good Burger in his official uniform and playing the position of cashier.
Notice that I had to remove Kel Mitchell's signature and replace it with Ed's. This gave me some artistic license, as Ed is a fictional character and I don't think his signature is ever shown in the skits or the film. But if you're familiar with Ed's eccentricities, I hope you'll agree that his signature might very well look like the one you see on the card.
And there you have it. My first custom card "variation". 



To this point I haven't printed out/mailed out any of my custom cards to anyone. However, lately I've been looking into various printing techniques and services, and I'm going to finally try something with this card. 

For now, it'll probably just involve some thick cardstock that will fit in my inkjet printer, followed by a pair of scissors. I'm only going to send one copy into the wild, and it'll go to Matt. (I think he deserves a copy for providing the inspiration with his comment). I'll label it as a promo on the back.

If I do print out more of these one day, maybe I'll make it a short print. That would be properly annoying for a variation, right? 
Jokes aside, thanks for reading, everyone. And stay tuned for updates on custom card printing.


  1. You did a great job with both of these customs. Matching up the Kel and Charlie photos is most impressive.

    1. Thanks Fuji! The photos do match up well, and it's fun seeing the two cards side by side. I might line them up like that from now on.

  2. Sweet!! I got your email awhile ago, found it in my spam, and responded but who knows if it sent. I will send another. Thanks!

    1. Email received, thanks Matt! Will get the card in the mail today.

  3. Love Ed's signature. Ed bears a CREEPY LIKENESS to my old manager at BDO. She would've been better off serving burgers. The turnover on her staff is more fast food style than most McD's. Seeing this card made me so grateful for leaving when I did. Apparently, I'm still scarred by the one year I worked for her.

    1. Note to self: Do NOT send Julie a copy of this custom card in the mail ;-)