Sunday, May 7, 2023

Four Dudes Wearin' Hockey Jerseys

Who doesn't love looking through vintage photos? And what I mean by vintage photos is "film from a camera that was developed by photo labs and printed on actual paper".
Well, recently I was looking through some of these types of images, and I found a few that featured dudes wearing hockey jerseys.
Check 'em out.

Here's Rogie. He drives a 1970 Buick LeSabre—green with a white hardtop. Doesn't smoke except for after a meal, and even then, only after a good frankfurter cooked and eaten out of doors. He's a Canadian through and through, but last winter his brother-in-law got him a Red Wings jersey. He took one look at it, thought for a few seconds, and said "good enough". Now he wears it every weekend. He's not worried about the future of rock music. He knows it's hit its zenith already, and he's fine with that. There are more than enough rock and roll gems out there to keep him satisfied.

Born in Montreal, Bob relocated across the border to Buffalo six years ago
to work in the up-and-coming computer sales field. He finally got promoted to middle management this year, but after the first month he's not sure it's for him. Had his first luxury box experience at a Sabres game with some company bigwigs last week. Didn't like it. He'll take the cheap seats over that stuff any day. Figures that his freedom and happiness will outweigh any demotion or pay cut he incurs if he goes back to the trenches as a sales assistant. He's also heard about this thing called a sauna. Going to have a good sit and steam. Thinks it might help him reach a decision about the job.

Gerry is sole proprietor of Gerry's Auto Shop, just a few minutes outside of Boston. He'd rather be farther out in the suburbs, but knows Boston is where the business is. Taught his 10-year-old son how to change an oil filter last weekend. Can't wait for the boy to be old enough to work in the shop. The kid has a better attitude and work ethic than most of the adults Gerry employs now. Knows New England clam chowder is better than Manhattan, but doesn't really get the whole big deal about the debate. Says you should eat what you want and don't worry about the rest.

Tony keeps this fact mainly to himself, but he actually doesn't mind disco. There are some good nightclubs in the Chicago area, but he's too old for that crowd now. He's in that weird spot—too old for disco, too young for bocce. His dad plays bocce all the time, and although Tony has never understood why anyone does, he knows one day he'll try it and like it. Loves a good hot beef sandwich with giardiniera for lunch on Wednesdays. Helps get him over the hump.
Those were mere fables, of course.
The truth about Rogie, Bob, Gerry, and Tony is that they're not just any old dudes wearing hockey jerseys. They're professional hockey goalies. And their photos aren't just any old photos. All four have been printed and preserved on a single hockey card. 
Don't believe it? Here's the proof.

Even if you're not much of a hockey fan and the photos and first names weren't familiar to you, the last names of a couple of those guys might do the trick.
Here's the card back.

Just think: If Michel Larocque and Chico Resch had put up one more shutout each, the front of this card would have had even more photos of cool dudes wearing hockey jerseys.

Still, it's great that Topps/OPC went with four images that showed each goalie's face, sans mask. And I think there's a pretty good chance that Rogie Vachon did drive a 1970s-era Buick LeSabre at some point. Just look at that guy.


  1. The only one I didn't get was Bob Sauve. Bummer that Bunny and Chico just missed out, I would have enjoyed your write-up on them.

    Great stuff as always Gregory. Your blog is so underrated, and I wish there were more hockey fans around here to appreciate your humor.

    1. (1) I appreciate that compliment, Chris! Bob Sauve was a tough one, for sure. I wouldn't have guessed him, either.

      (2) Part of me does wish there were more hockey fans around the blogs, but another part of me is totally fine with a smaller circle of fans.

  2. 👌 Some fine photography for a card. They all look like the causal 70s man lol.

  3. Goalies are always the most interesting guys on the ice.

    1. Can't argue with that, Night Owl! You can probably add the adjectives "quirky" and "odd".

  4. Entertaining post. Whenever I see Rogie... I think of that guy from No Country for Old Men.

    1. Thanks, Fuji! I had to look up that title, but now that I've seen some images, I think I know the guy you're referring to, heheh.