Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Well-Traveled Envelope: Two Years Later

Two years ago this Sunday I started something called The Well-Traveled Envelope Challenge
The idea was that I'd send another blogger a bubble mailer filled with 20 or 30 cards they might enjoy for their collection, and then that blogger would re-use the same envelope (and packaging supplies, if possible) to send yet another blogger cards that they might need. Also included would be a slip of paper to keep running tabs on the bloggers who received the envelope and the places it would visit along the way. It looked like this:

After one year, things had gone decently well. The envelope had reached eight different bloggers, traveling across the country and even to Canada!
And what about now, at the two-year checkpoint?
Nothing. No updates. No idea where the envelope might be, or if it traveled anywhere at all during this past year.

I think we can probably assign a portion of the blame to COVID and the related hesitation many folks had to send things through the mail for a little while there. I'm also pretty sure that the novelty of the idea simply petered out after the first year.
But don't worry, we can salvage this blog post yet! How about this?
In the comment section, do at least one of the following:
  • List a few low-value cards you might need to complete a set
  • List a player or team you collect
  • If you have a want list, post a link to it
Maybe another commenter can make your day with a simple postage stamp and plain white envelope. And check the comments that other readers make. Maybe you can help them out, too. (Especially with card prices being as bonkers as they are right now.)
I'll start it off by listing a few cards that will get me closer to completing some sets:
1981 Fleer Baseball #419 Jesse Jefferson
1981-82 O-Pee-Chee Hockey #204 Anders Kallur

1986-87 Topps Hockey #186 Mark Messier
And here's a link to my want lists:

Got the idea? Okay, add a comment below and get a PWE ready. 
And if you happen to know where the Well-Traveled Envelope is, add a comment about that, too!


  1. Checking last year's post, the trail seems to have stopped with whoever I sent the package to. I don't remember at all who that was so I can't help.

    I could use a 1982 Fleer Jim Slaton, #153.

    I'll check to see if I have an extra '81 Jesse Jefferson around.

    1. No problem at all! I'm glad the envelope made its way through Night Owl headquarters. Maybe it'll turn up one day.

      Looks like Fuji was quick on the draw and beat you to that '81 Fleer Jefferson card, but I definitely appreciate you checking for it. I just looked through my cards for the '82 Fleer Slaton, but unfortunately I don't have it for you. I'll check your want lists for other cards, though.

  2. I was wondering a while back whatever happened to this. Sounds like someone dropped the ball -- maybe this post will inspire them to pick it back up?

    1. Let's hope so, Jon! Even if not, it was a fun experiment.

  3. Hope the Well-Traveled Envelope pops up on your radar. Do you have a partial list of the people it was sent to? Maybe you can contact the last known recipient and start from there.

    I might be able to help you with the 1981 Fleer and 1984 OPC baseball. I'll get back to you.

    1. I have these:

      1981 Fleer 419
      1984 OPC 88, 89, 291, 363, 367, 385, 393

      I sent you an email to confirm your address.

    2. Thanks Fuji! Mr. Night Owl helped with some detective work in his comment above, but I think we'll have to rely on some good fortune (or the current envelope holder to actually read this post) for the envelope to turn up somewhere.

      In the meantime, I've replied to your email. Thanks so much for looking through your cards and finding some for me! Glad you received my little package of cards a couple of weeks ago.

  4. I do wonder what happened to the well-traveled envelope, especially since I was a recipient of it at one point!

    1. I appreciate you joining in this one! It was fun while it lasted.