Sunday, December 8, 2019

The 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game (Episode 7)

Welcome back to The 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game, where we'll randomly select three eligible bachelors from the set and you, the reader, will choose which one wins that date with a special lady. How do we know they're bachelors? Why, it says so right on the back of their hockey cards, that's how!

Previous episodes are available here.

We didn't receive any votes for episode 6, so we'll leave voting open for the time being. Now let's start the 7th round and introduce our bachelors selected by the randomizer! [APPLAUSE]

Bachelor number 1: Defenseman from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Jim Korn
Bachelor number 2: Center from the Chicago Black Hawks, Denis Savard
Bachelor number 3: Defenseman from the New York Rangers, Ron Greschner

It's an Original Six showdown!

Now lets find out more about these gentlemen from the back of their hockey cards.

Ron, Ron, Ron. You've got to be a little more friendly than that.

Time to choose your winner. Who will it be?

Bachelor number 1: Collegiate man and water skier Jim Korn.

Bachelor number 2: Denis Savard, who just bought his own home and can probably do a good spin-o-rama on the dance floor.

Bachelor number 3: Ron Greschner, who can put up some really good point totals from the blue line despite being the most quiet bachelor we've ever had on the program.


  1. I'm sure there are plenty ladies out there who dig quiet guys ;)

    1. Indeed there are. See Chris's comment below for confirmation ;-)

  2. Bachelor number 1 all the way, for the Providence reference!

  3. I just got that Greschner card last month, and scanned it and labeled it this week...made me think of your series! And now here it is, hours after I uploaded the scans to the Cardboard History Gallery. Cosmic!

    1. Hah! Too funny. And on top of that, it looks like Greschner might win this round.

  4. IIRC Ron Greschner eventually ended up with a supermodel so he doesn't need our help in this contest! :)

  5. Jimmy can't win this on looks. Ron may be a bit too quiet; hiding something? Denis sounds like a thrifty fellow, needing only one 'n' in his name - and owns a home. Better yet, he is a BLACKHAWK!