Sunday, September 22, 2019

The 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game (Episode 5)

Welcome back to The 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game, where we'll randomly select three eligible bachelors from the set and you, the reader, will choose which one wins that date with a special lady. How do we know they're bachelors? Why, it says so right on the back of their hockey cards, that's how!

Previous episodes are available here.

Episode 4 ended in a tie between Ron Duguay and humble Aaron Broten. I wonder if the network will go with Duguay because his glamorous Studio 54 lifestyle is better for TV ratings.

In any case, let's start the 5th round and introduce the bachelors chosen by our randomizer! [APPLAUSE]

Bachelor number 1: Right Wing from the St. Louis Blues, Wayne Babych
Bachelor number 2: Center from the Winnipeg Jets, Dale Hawerchuk
Bachelor number 3: Defenseman from the Philadelphia Flyers, Fred Arthur
Let's find out more about them from the back of their cards.


Once again, we have a couple of bachelors who became a little shy when the cameras were rolling. Will that affect the outcome, or did one of these bachelors have it in the bag from the start?

Bachelor number 1: Wayne Babych, whose unibrow is impressive. (Hey, some ladies like the unibrow.) 

Bachelor number 2: Dale Hawerchuk, who's already known for his off-season charity work even though he's just a rookie. (Probably offering kisses to the ladies for $1.00 donations.)

Bachelor number 3: QMJHL all-star Fred Arthur, who's just happy that he's not pictured on his hockey card wearing Cooperalls.


  1. I'm sure it's hard for the ladies to pass up a hall of famer who does charity work.

  2. Babych's French bio describes him as "not married". The other two cards employ the adjective "celibataire", which literally means single but sounds more like celibate.

    If I were the lucky suitor, I'd find it hard to resist Hawerchuk's hair, and his 100pt rookie season.

    1. Interesting, Michael! I hadn't read the French bios. I wonder if there's a reason they chose the different wording for Babych. Regardless, I agree that Mr. Hawerchuk is going to be tough to beat with all the points, charity work, and hockey hair.

  3. QMJHL - Fred and Dale. So much alphabet but the charity worker wins this round.

    1. Hawerchuk is running away with this one. Thanks for voting!