Sunday, March 24, 2019

From the Favorites Box: Eddie Murray, 1978 Topps #36

A series where I post some thoughts about favorite cards. Previous cards in the series are available here.

Here's a brief story to help explain why today's card has a place in my box of favorites:

A couple of years ago I began an eBay search for an Eddie Murray rookie card that was in good condition and listed at a reasonable price. Not long after, I found one that fit the bill, and clicked Buy it Now.

The card arrived in timely fashion, and man, is it cool-looking. There's young Eddie Murray following through on a warm-up swing, maybe in the on-deck circle. Classic Orioles logo, classic cap-under-the-helmet, classic wristband, classic mutton chops and mustache, classic Topps All-Star Rookie trophy. It was great to have the card in my collection.

But like many of us do, shortly after we have the card in hand we tuck it away, either in a binder or in a storage box of some sort. Then it sits there and we largely move to the next search.

This time was differentthough not by my own doing. 

About a week or two after I received the Eddie Murray card, I received another envelope in the mail. Now, I'm not a big buyer of cards, and that day I knew I wasn't expecting a bubble mailer. So imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and Eddie Murray was staring at me . . . again!


I looked at the printed receipt and the seller's name. Sure enough, it was the same guy.

That night I sent him a quick message, informing him of the mix-up and offering to send the duplicate card back to him. An ungraded Eddie Murray rookie card (well-centered and in good condition) isn't exorbitantly priced, but it isn't cheap either. 

Want to guess what happened next, fellow collectors?

Yes. That's right. In yet another example of the generosity and kindness within the collecting community, the seller told me not to worryjust keep the duplicate card.


The combination of a great-looking rookie card (or two of them) and a great story is why 1978 Topps #36 has a place in my box of favorite cards.


  1. Two Eddies for the price of one? Very nice. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Fuji! One for the left-handed Eddie and one for the right-handed Eddie, I guess.

  2. what a generous seller! you should share his ID with us, or are you saving it for yourself in hopes of another bank error! lol! great deal!!

    1. Oh man, that's going back a couple of years. I wonder if the sale record is still in my eBay history. (That's my not-quite-subtle way of saying I'm saving it for myself. Hah.)