Sunday, December 12, 2021

The 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game (Episode 21)


Welcome back to The 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game, where we'll randomly select three eligible bachelors from the set and you, the reader, will choose which one wins that date with a special lady. How do we know they're bachelors? Why, it says so right on the back of their hockey cards, that's how!

Previous episodes are available here.

The big winner of episode 20 was Grant Fuhr.

Now, let's start the 21st round and introduce the bachelors chosen by the randomizer! [APPLAUSE]
Bachelor number 1: Left wing from the Buffalo Sabres, Tony McKegney
Bachelor number 2: Center
from the Washington Capitals, Bobby Carpenter
Bachelor number 3: Defenseman
from the Montreal Canadiens, Gaston Gingras

Three hockey dudes just hangin' around on their cards. At least Gaston looks like he's getting ready for a face-off.

Let's find out more about them from the back of their cards.

I think once Bobby the computer nerd started geeking out about his Commodore 64, Tony and Gaston decided to tune out, and didn't share any hobbies.

Nevertheless, we've got to pick a winner for a date with our lovely lady this week. Who will it be?

Bachelor number 1: Tony McKegney, who's been putting up some solid numbers in Buffalo.

Bachelor number 2: Bobby Carpenter and his computers.

Bachelor number 3: Gaston Gingras, who could easily pass for a lumberjack in the forests of Témiscamingue, Québec, with that name and that mustache.


  1. I'm going with the American on this one. Best earning potential since he's most likely to invest in Microsoft when it goes public.

    1. Good thinking there, Jeff! That's one vote for Bobby.

  2. I agree with Jeff. Bobby's going places. He's got that prep school education and an interest in computers in case that hockey thing doesn't work out :D

    1. Hahah. Excellent point, Chris. Score another one for Bobby.

  3. Voting for #2.

    Carpenter in the streets, computer nerd in the spreadsheets.

    1. And we've got three votes for the computer kid. Wow!

  4. Replies
    1. Reading that statement with a French-Canadian accent increases the comedic value. Score a vote for Gaston!