Sunday, September 20, 2020

The 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game (Episode 12)

Welcome back to The 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game, where we'll randomly select three eligible bachelors from the set and you, the reader, will choose which one wins that date with a special lady. How do we know they're bachelors? Why, it says so right on the back of their hockey cards, that's how!

Previous episodes are available here.

The clear winner of episode 11 was Mark Pavelich.

Now let's start the 12th round and introduce the bachelors chosen by the randomizer! [APPLAUSE]

Bachelor number 1: Center from the Boston Bruins, Barry Pederson
Bachelor number 2: Left wing from the Detroit Red Wings, Paul Woods
Bachelor number 3: Goalie from the New York Rangers, Ed Mio

Folks, I'm looking back through our episode list to confirm. . . and yes, we've got our first goaltender on the show! Give Eddie Mio another nice round of applause, please. [APPLAUSE]

Now, let's learn more about all three of our bachelors from the back of their cards.

Who intrigues you the most, studio audience?

Bachelor number 1: Golfer and former Victoria Cougar, Barry Pederson.

Bachelor number 2: Landscaping business owner, Paul Woods.

Bachelor number 3: Four-year college man, newly arrived in New York City from Edmonton, Ed Mio.


  1. Golfer, yawn. I do love a goalie but a landscaper named Woods? I have acres to keep him busy and out of my hair. Come to mama, Paulie!

    1. Where would the 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Dating Game be without Julie's consistently hilarious comments? Probably on public access TV instead of a major network like it is now, that's where.

    2. you fellas keep me amused. who needs Paulie?

  2. Replies
    1. And the goalie is on the board! Chalk up a vote for Mr. Mio.

  3. A landscaper who doesn't play with a helmet on! Not sure why Paul is still single......

    1. Heheh. That's another vote for Paul Woods. And he takes the lead.

  4. As a Canadian I would also take into account where they live.

    Pederson - Nanaimo BC. Kind of a hip small city on the west coast.

    Woods -Meaford, Ont. Very small town in the middle of nowhere that I visited breifly for training when I was in the Canadian army. Great if you don't like being around civilization.

    Mio - Windsor Ont. Right across the border from Detroit. The biggest city of all three, but not huge.

    If I was single and looking, I'd go with Pederson in Nanaimo.

    1. Excellent Canadian insight, Sean! We've got our first vote for Pederson, but Julie's dream guy is still in the lead.